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"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding."

Design is simply art created with a function in mind - it's the visual expression of creativity, tempered by usability.  Without both beauty and practicality, it's either just art or just utilitarian - where those waters mingle, there's design.  I've worked on design projects of various sorts - professional, personal, freelanced and spec work - for more than 20 years, and I hope to still be learning the craft in 20 more. 

Please contact me if you want to see more design samples.

Design: Welcome


Design work performed as part of a job or on commission

Fanboy Comics & Collectibles

Grand Opening Flyer

fanboy flyer full color-01.png

Macon Beer Company

Branding & Packaging Designs


Layaway Santa

Branding & Print

LAYAWAY 2016-01.png

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

"The Flame" Magazine

Flame 2012_Page_01.png
Design: Work

Personal Projects

Unpaid work done for personal growth and gratification

Peach State Ale Trail


Unlicensed Bulldog / Homebrewing

ULB Mk 2 b-02.png

Cap'n Slice

cslice print-03.png
Design: Work
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