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About Me

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

About Me: About Me

While the second clause in the above aphorism is a recent addition - no evidence exists that the "master of one" bit was added before the 21st century - but it's no less true for its youth.  It may be true that someone with broad experience doesn't have the depth of knowledge that a specialist might have - but where the specialist shines in their own field, the generalist is better able to put that specific knowledge into a broader context.

At least, I certainly hope so.

For more than twenty years, I've delved into nearly every aspect of the communications world - writing, reporting, editing, traditional and social media, design work, video production, marketing, public relations, project management, podcasting, crisis communications - you name it.  That's given me a unique perspective on the way we communicate and how communications affect the overall efficacy of an organization.

What do you want to accomplish?  However you answer that question, communications will be a large part of making it happen - and I can help.

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When I'm Not Working

All work and no play, etc., etc...

If you are defined in part by your vocation, then you certainly must be defined in part by your avocations - those things you choose to do, not because they're profitable, but because in them you can engage with the world on your own terms (and usually with a significant expenditure of your money).

When I'm not busy earning my living, you can find me...

  • In the workshop, taking on a woodworking challenge or repairing and restoring anything from antique furniture to vintage stereo equipment...

  • In the brewery, crafting a new batch of homemade beer or wine...

  • On the golf course, reminding myself that one doesn't have to be good at something in order to enjoy it...

  • Back at my desk, creating new worlds and exciting adventures for my tabletop roleplaying games...

  • Anywhere there's music to be played, heard, or parodied...

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